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How Companies are Using TinyCast

Company Performance

Ask your team how sales are going to be next quarter, if you'll meet a deadline, or anything else you regularly debate at lunch.

Office Pools

Have a little fun in the office. Predict which team will win a game, if a movie will win an Oscar, or a character will be killed off in a show.

Stocks and Business

Predict stock performance, economic indicators, or other industry trends that effect your business.

Office Politics

Better than reality TV. Will your CEO be fired this year? Will there be layoffs next quarter?

Success of the Crowd

4th Century

Aristotle writes about the "wisdom of the crowd" in his smash hit "Politics."


Statistician Francis Galton observed the median guess of an ox by 800 people at a fair was within 1% of the right answer.


The University of Iowa launches the Iowa Electronic Market to let people bet on the outcome of elections. The IEM has consistently outperformed polls in every major election since.


The U.S. Government concludes a multi-million dollar study on the wisdom of the crowd, proving its effectiveness once again.


TinyCast is launched on the Cultivate Forecasts platform with a goal of bringing crowd predictions out of academia, companies, and traders to everyone.

Why TinyCast is Better Than a Poll

Under the hood, TinyCast is a prediction market. We drive people to express what they think will happen instead of what they want to happen, giving you a far more useful signal.

TinyCast: People can update their forecasts anytime in reaction to new information.
Polls: Collect responses today and hope they're not stale tomorrow.
TinyCast: Uses proven market mechanism to crowdsource a forecast from your team.
Polls: Export data to stats software to conduct accuracy analysis.
TinyCast: Measure how accurate you are individually and collectively.
Polls: Not designed to audit performance and know how well you did.
TinyCast: Capture rationale and related discussion to provide additional context and insight.
Polls: Do not incentivize collaboration and sharing of information.

How TinyCast Works

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