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A smarter poll (using prediction markets) to predict the outcome of any event you want.

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How TinyCast Works


Get people together and use TinyCast to ask the percent chance something will happen.


They can come back any time to change their prediction before the actual answer is known.


Using fancy math, we combine everyone’s predictions to tell you the chances something will happen.

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What Kinds of Predictions People are Making


Office Pools

Ask your office mates if you'll meet project deadlines, how sales are going to be next quarter, or anything else you regularly debate at lunch.


Sports Outcomes

Predict which team will win a game, how a player will do, or if a spread will be covered.


Stocks and Business

Predict stock performance, economic indicators or other factors that influence business.


Pop Culture

Ask which movies are going to do well, which character will die next in a show, or who the next big Hollywood break up will be.


Success of the Crowd Over Time

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4th Century

Aristotle writes about the "wisdom of the crowd" in his smash hit "Politics"

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Statistician Francis Galton observed the median guess of an ox by 800 people at a fair was within 1% of the right answer.

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The University of Iowa launches the Iowa Electronic Market to let people bet on the outcome of elections. The IEM has consistently outperformed polls in every major election since.

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The U.S. Government concludes a multi-million dollar study on the wisdom of the crowd, proving its effectiveness once again.

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TinyCast is launched on the Cultivate Forecasts platform with a goal of bringing crowd predictions out of academia, companies, and traders to everyone.